Michael Voigt Presidential
Educational Program

First Recipient of The Michael Voigt Presidential Education Program

July 1, 2020

July 1, 2020


BURLINGTON, Washington -- In the Spring of 2018, former USPSA President Mike Voigt passed away, leaving a legacy in USPSA, the firearms industry, professional training, and those who had the pleasure of shooting, working, and traveling with Mike on his journey. After Mike’s passing, his wife Maggie Reese Voigt worked with USPSA President Mike Foley to ensure funds received in Voigt’s name would be used specifically for the benefit of Junior Members of USPSA. In February 2019, the Michael Voigt Presidential Education Program was launched. Contributions made to this program via charitable, tax-deductible donations, will fund post-secondary education assistance for USPSA Juniors each calendar year.

It is with great pride that USPSA announces the first recipient of the Michael Voigt Presidential Education Program Award, Miss Jalise Williams from Saint George, Utah. Miss Williams is a five-time USPSA Ladies National Champion in Limited, Single Stack, and Limited 10 Divisions. She has been a member of USPSA since 2014, and a certified Range Officer since 2016. Jalise volunteers at the Southern Utah Practical Shooters range in Hurricane, Utah, and helped with setup and teardown at the USPSA HICAP National Championships in 2019. She will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing at Dixie State University.

To find out more about the USPSA Michael Voigt Presidential Education Program, please visit https://uspsa.org/voigt.

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